Why Take Independent Study Courses?

Almost everyone agrees that our ability to achieve our goals in life is strengthened by education. With Seminary Extension it has never been easier to take courses through distance education and in some cases that may be all it takes to remove the barriers to achieving one's goals.

There are many reasons for taking courses through distance learning. The good news is that doing so does not mean that the quality of the educational experience is diminished. In fact, it is possible for highly motivated students to learn as much through home study as they can through class attendance. Many students have also discovered that the independent study method offers several advantages over traditional educational methods:

  • The location and time for study is flexible and can be adjusted during a course
  • The duration and pace of study required for individual lessons and the course as a whole can be adjusted from 7 weeks to 6 months to fit the student's needs
  • The choice and sequence of courses is completely up to the student's interests
  • The courses can be completed from anywhere that mail can be delivered

When taking a Seminary Extension course, students are assigned the following: an instructor with knowledge and experience related to that course; one or more textbooks for the study, a study guide, and a study kit. Each course contains lessons organized into units of study and the student simply works through them at their own pace. If the student wants to earn transferable credit hours for a course, or to use the course towards a Seminary Extension certificate or diploma, then the student must have an official copy of their High School Transcript or GED transcript sent to Seminary Extension from the institution where they earned it. They must also successfully complete the course with a passing grade.

During the study, Seminary Extension instructors serve as learning coaches, giving students personal counsel and encouragement as they grade the exams and other assignments. Most instructors hold earned doctorates in the subject and have served in ministry positions associated with the subject area of the course.

In order to get started, simply contact Seminary Extension for a copy of our course enrollment and order enrollment form or complete the one that is available on this website. You can access it by clicking here. If you open the form using this link, you should be able to fill it in on your screen. Then just print, sign and then mail it to us with your payment for enrollment.